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Dobbin Day is desktop software for in-play ‘back to lay’ Betfair betting.
A revolutionary and easy way to find ‘back to lay’ bets with automated placement.
Don’t just take whats on offer – Make your own odds.

Backing horses, seeing them give a strong performance but not winning could well be the most annoying thing about gambling. Dobbin Day is all about backing horses to run well rather than crossing the line first.

Dobbin Day is the ONLY in-running performance form analysis tool AND automated betting bot all in 1!

What a great idea to back horses to run well, but not necessarily to win. Well done!

Matt Bisogno, geegeez.co.uk

Keep the upgrades coming. 7 points up so far today and really finding my fee

Chris Buckingham, customer

What a great idea, thank you for the effort you have put into yet another great piece of software..

David Lowe – (facebook)